Raeus Jae Cannon
Author, Speaker, Consultant, Knitter

Speaker & Trainer

Raeus speaks and consults with business owners and groups about...
  • How To Answer: "What Do You Do?" 
  • Networking Effectiveness
  • Creating Profitable Relationships

REO, Llc

Raeus is the CEO and Founder of REO, Llc (Referral Excellence Organization) in East Tennessee. She works with professionals that hate making cold calls and want more referrals. Check out REO's website, teams, philosophy and more by clicking the link below.


Every business person should have balance in their lives and Raeus knits to relax. She designs unique knitted items using a combination of knitting and pin loom weaving to create one-of-a-kind wearable art. She can often be found knitting around Knoxville.